Legal Advice
What are the procedures needed to convert a property's license into a commercial one?
The procedures to convert the property's license into commercial are limited to legalities handled by the city council as it needs the city head approval to convert the property from Residential to Commercial. Then the city council performs an inspection on the property followed by charging the fees from the establishment date till the conversion date. Moreover, there are other legal procedures performed by other bodies such as the Property Taxation Authority also known as (El Awaed) that perform another type of inspection, fees on the area is also due, all such procedures are in process till the issuing of the final license.
What are the registration conditions or requirements for any commercial property? And does it differ when registering a restaurant?
All above mentioned procedures are unified whether you are issuing a commercial or administrative license, with minor differences. However, if the license is required for a tourist restaurant, the procedures will be executed by the Council and the Tourist Activities Committee, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Police Station, and the Sewage Entity in order to issue approvals for the restaurant license
How much it will cost me to register my property?
Apartment's registration is divided into two parts: " Lawyer's fees which is ????L.E. " Real Estate Registration Office duties, which is ?? % from the apartment price. " ???? L.E. special survey fees paid for the Area Institution and the Real Estate Registration Office.
How can I register my property?
Apartment's registration is carried out through a professional lawyer. He is doing all the registration procedures in several authorities, such as, the Real Estate Registration Office, the Area Institution and the Real Estate Taxes Association. These procedures are summarized in fees payment, apartment surveys procedure, preparing legal documents, taking it as authoritative from the specialized public authorities and the signature of the seller and buyer on the final contract. Another procedure will be added to the above mentioned procedures if the buyer is a foreigner; requiring the government's approval upon owning a property by a foreigner.
Can you (T.G.Real Estate) register my property?
There is no relation between T.G.Real Estate and the apartment registration. But T.G.Real Estate candidates a professional lawyer in the real estate registration field. For more info please contact us at
How much time it will take to register my property?
For the Egyptians, the registration procedures take 3 months maximum, but for the foreigners it takes about 4 months.
Can a foreigner buy a property in Cairo, and how can he register this property?
The foreigner is treated the same as the Egyptian and has the right to buy and register a property in Cairo.
Can I rent this property (as a foreigner after buying it)?
It's possible to the foreigner to rent his apartment to anyone after buying it without any restrictions.
How much do I have to pay as taxes if I rented the apartment weather furnished or unfurnished?
The owner has to pay a tax for renting his furnished apartment estimated approximately by an amount of 10 % of the rent amount. Due to the high percentage of taxes imposed to renting furnished apartments, owners are turning currently to renting unfurnished apartments, citing any furniture in a separate document, in order to avoid paying the costly taxes.
What is the legal shape of the contract when I rent a furnished apartment?
The professional lawyer in the real estate field has distinct contracts that have a legal power to protect the apartment owner.
How can we guarantee as T.G.Real Estate clients that the apartment is free from any problems ( taxes, loans,.etc)
There is no relation between T.G.Real Estate and the problems regarding the apartments. The buyer has to turn to a professional lawyer in the real estate field in order to give him the guarantee to any problem regarding the apartment.T.G.Real Estate gives the advice to its clients to deal with the trust worthy professional lawyers in the real estate field.
Can T.G.Real Estate help us in the mortgage?
T.G.Real Estate helps the clients and presents everything they need from inquiries or procedures regarding the mortgage.